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Welcome to the official website of the “Lebanon Meteorological Service”. This public service is the one and only source of all information regarding weather forecasting and climate in Lebanon, including aviation weather services. We are committed to providing high quality services to all Lebanese and international airlines.

Daily Weather Report

Prepared By:   Mona OMAR 
Ministry Of Public Works And Transport
Directorate General Of Civil Aviation
Meteorological Department

Daily Weather Report

Day: 22 Apr 2021

Beirut Airport

Rain,24h: 0mm
Rain,2019-2020: 961.6mm
Rain,2020-2021: 661.6mm
Normal: 801mm
Average: 825mm
Humidity MAX: 86%
Humidity MIN: 66%
Tmax: 21°C
Tmin: 15.8°C
T at 6 UTC: 18.4°C
Wind MAX: 9m/s
Wind MAX: 250°

Beirut Golf

Rain,2020-2021: 788.6mm


Rain,24h: 0mm
Rain,2019-2020: 1018.4mm
Rain,2020-2021: 969.5mm
Normal: 799mm
Average: 825mm
Humidity MAX: 86%
Humidity MIN: 63%
Tmax: 22.2°C
Tmin: 12.6°C
T at 6 UTC: 17.8°C
Wind MAX: 8m/s
Wind MAX: 280°


Rain,24h: 0mm
Rain,2019-2020: 816.4mm
Rain,2020-2021: 922.4mm
Humidity MAX: 99%
Humidity MIN: 67%
Tmax: 18.7°C
Tmin: 7.3°C
T at 6 UTC: 14.8°C

Haouch El Oumara

Rain,24h: 0mm
Rain,2019-2020: 774.9mm
Rain,2020-2021: 536.4mm
Normal: 610mm
Average: 627mm
Humidity MAX: 66%
Humidity MIN: 9%
Tmax: 29.4°C
Tmin: 10.3°C
T at 6 UTC: 21.1°C
Wind MAX: 9m/s
Wind MAX: 300°

Rayak Amara

Average: 606mm


Rain,24h: 0mm
Rain,2019-2020: 1130mm
Rain,2020-2021: 873.8mm
Humidity MAX: 93%
Humidity MIN: 10%
Tmax: 20.7°C
Tmin: 9.4°C
T at 6 UTC: 17.3°C


Normal: 896mm
Average: 943mm


Rain,24h: 0mm
Rain,2019-2020: 1019.5mm
Rain,2020-2021: 1002.8mm
Humidity MAX: 77%
Humidity MIN: 16%
Tmax: 20.1°C
Tmin: 12°C
T at 6 UTC: 17°C

Dahr El Baidar

Average: 1342mm